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Aug 17, 2009 4:00am EDT
question from a 14-year-old daughter of a supporter. then we have montana where they end up giving him a standing ovation. versus what you see right now, the people standing up saying hey, slow down. let's fiend out what is in the pill. let's find out how much is the cost. what they are showing us is vastly different from what the american people want. by doing so, we are finding out more. >> i'm shocked and dismayed eric. brenda: politicians often stage these on both sides of the aisle, pat. does this mean something for the economy that protesters are coming out and saying what might be wrong with the reform and stopping it? >> well, the sad thing is that neither side is focused on what really matters, which is that our physicians currently have incentive to do more and not provide quality carement you are paid for procedures, not outcomes. that is the fundamental problem with the way the healthcare system works today and it is unfortunate that none of the plans in congress address that core problem. the protest, by saying hands off, don't do anything they are not addressing it either
Aug 17, 2009 12:00pm EDT
is a pocket of cool air well off to the west, in helena, montana. denver is that 63. one front will come through mid- week grace secondary system by the end of the week should takit our temperatures make it more refreshing and that front should have an impact on hurricane at bill off the coast. let's look at the storms can and there are two systems. bill is the main one we are focusing on. it is a category one hurricane. winds are at 140 miles per hour. -- 114 miles per hour for it could come -- it could become a storm by wednesday morning. it should stay in the atlantic. we will keep an eye on it. that system may keep it curving out to say. the second system is ana and this system will run into problems with dry air and it will run into the islands in the dominican republic and puerto rico. it is a little bit of a low pressure system with a little stormy nets. -- storminess. at home, you see the energy which is a club that bring rain to the deep south. -- claudette's which will bring into the deep south. two storms we're watching and ana will lose steam because of the dry air. hurr
Aug 17, 2009 5:30pm EDT
and where it's going coming up in a bit. >>> montana learns life lesson. father making sure she does not get too full of her fame next in our low down. >> if you work hard from the bottom up, you will last and you will be around for a very long time. >>reporter: mary blige taking over for paula. not for good. w >> famous teen star takes on the oldest family in tv this week. kandace looks at the latest dvd release starting with hanna's movie in tonight's low down. >> screaming fan. >>reporter: alter-ego hanna living on cloud 9. hit song are all the teeny boper think about but when her father notices her ego is getting a little too large, he brings her home to tennessee. when she hangs up her wig, she learns real life has just as many twist and turn as any movie script. keep your eye peeled for other country star like taylor swift and ralph in the film. in tv news, fx has the regular series including the latest gun of an arcy. pick up season 1 tomorrow. >> finally make sure the net is tight and springy. >>reporter: and they just sign on to whole new season with fox. but we all know the
Aug 17, 2009 5:30pm EDT
now nothing showing up on montana's most powerful radar. nice clear scan out there. temperature-wise in westminster 85. gaithersburg at 85. 85 in emmitsburg. elkton right now at 83. 87 in middle town. and churchville right now currently reporting in at 84 degrees. the forecast for tonight. the showers that are down over western portions of virginia will stay there for tonight. we're watching moisture flowing northward from the remnants of claudeette. an that's going to start to spread some shower and even some thunderstorm activities this the region by tomorrow. and again into wednesday. but most of the activity, again will, hold off until wednesday and thursday. so here is your forecast. for tonight, the overnight period partly cloudy, humid, 72 for the overnight low. during the day tomorrow, look for partly cloudy, hot and humid day with a high of 90 degrees. now your extended outlook, the 90 tomorrow followed by the shower and thunderstorm activity on wednesday. a little cooler. thursday and friday, again cooler temperatures, scattered showers. we'll take the best chance for showe
Aug 17, 2009 7:00am EDT
residentes, en la montaÑa de santa cruz que estuvo amenazada por uno de los incendios. sin embargo las llamas a un amenaza a la comunidad. en mÉxico, asesinaron a un cantante grupero, justo cuando acababa de concluir una presentaciÓn, la policÍa de jalisco estÉ investigando la muerte de carlos ocaranza. pero al parecer todavÍa no tienen muchas pistas. >> con pocas pistas para resolver el crimen, tras el asesinato del famoso cantante grupero carlos ocaranza. >> h@tvdwzoeqvkph@h@tvdwzofógkp camioneta, llegaron unos sujetos, e impidieron la huida. >> los hechos ocurrieron cuando el conocido cantante, hizo una presentaciÓn, murió al instante. tras el crimen, se localizÓ este vehÍculo a varias cuadras del lugar, segÚn las autoridades tiene las caracterÍsticas de ser de un sicario. en el lugar de los hechos quedaron varios casquillos de armas de grueso calibre, y autos baleados. durante el ataque fue acribillado un joven cantante que lo acompaÑaba en sus presentaciones, el joven falleciÓ debido a las complicaciones por los balazos recibidos en la cabeza. >> muchas gracias,
Aug 17, 2009 3:30am EDT
you to montana. this is a town hall debate that the president had. listen to randy rathy, what he had to say. >> max baucus, our senator, has been locked up in a dark room there for months now trying to come up with some money to pay for these programs and we keep getting the bull. that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. you're saving here, you're saving over there. going to take a little money there, take a little money there. you have no money. the only way to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. max baucus says he doesn't want to put a bill out that will. but that's the only way you can do that. >> congressman, isn't he right? >> i can't believe that -- that our democracy is so fragile that people have no answer to a very serious problem would just try to create animosity and hatred rather than try to sit down and first find out what is the problem, how costly is it and what does it take in order to stop it. there's no question that almost everyone listening to this show have known some horrible story where someone
Aug 17, 2009 6:00am EDT
star living a double life. ♪ ♪ there's always. >> we have the sneak peek at the hanna montana movie coming up in the low down. >>> and next, cal ripken world series kicks off. how the event is affecting the fresh...fresh...fresh. really fresh. come into your local giant today for mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, all at prices you can handle. like orchard perfect peaches and nectarines, just 99 cents a pound. this week only at giant. you know, it's not the grill that makes a delicious, tender, perfect piece of steak. [ crowd gasps ] it's the steak. enjoy quality selections from the butchers at giant, like top round london broil just $1.99 a pound. this week only at giant. >>> hundreds of baseball players are in aber den in aberdeen. and it's a home run for the local economy. >> reporter: baseball is in full swing in aberdeen. now that the young boys are back in town. >> it's about the kids, really. >> reporter: the 10th annual cal ripken world series kicked off this weekend at the ripken academy bringing young players from all over the world, from mexico to missouri. >> it's not
Aug 17, 2009 6:30pm EDT
great outdoors and america's west. >> here in montana, you've got bears and moose and elk. in washington you just have mostly bull. >> reporter: for 11-year-old malia and 8-year-old sasha, it meant some thrilling whitewater rafting. the first family then toured yellowstone national park and old faithful. >> look at that. that's a geyser there. >> reporter: but perhaps the most breathtaking moment was standing on the rim of the grand canyon at hoping point, thousands of feet above the colorado river. that's when the president's oldest daughter malia proved what she learned about geology in school. >> very good. >> reporter: naming the rock earned a high-five from her mother and a hug from the president. taken away marine one, and it all seems so sord, this family foursome out west to do something so all american, visiting the national park. still, this getaway is just one of many extraordinary trips this summer for the obama girls. they already logged thousands of miles from paris to moscow to london and even ghana. up next is the island of martha's vineyard, all memories to fi
Aug 17, 2009 4:00pm EDT
can sell out. we sold out hannah montana. u2. you're talking in seconds almost just because the computer system couldn't handle it. >> reporter: a baltimore bruce show will sell out. >> i would put bruce at the top in terms of demand for ticketing. for shows, you know. he's got the most fans. he's been doing it the longest. he's here in the east coast where he's everyone more beloved. >> basically i start out trying to tell a good story. one that will hold interest. >> reporter: the stories promoters are taking a bet on our past baltimore shows featuring icons. >> we came to baltimore and sold out in 15 minutes. fasters sell out in history. and they're going to be treated as royalty. in other venues they come all the time, it is what it is. it's not a big deal. for us, you're talking about the king of rock & roll basically. >> wjz eyewitness news. >>> and the shows are on november 20th. tickets go on sale september 3rd. >>> chick fillet. a doosey of a mistake the manager says he made with a nursing mother. >>> a charge of police brutality where a man claims police officers batte
Aug 17, 2009 5:00pm EDT
played a great show, they looked at the arena. >> they have to tell out. we sold out hannah montana and in seconds because the computer system couldn't handle it. >> reporter: he confirms a baltimore show will sellout. >> i would put him at the top in terms of demand for tickets. for shows. you know? he's got the most fans and he's doing it the longest and he's on the east coast where he's more beloved. >> i start out trying to tell a good story, one that will hold interest. >> reporter: the stories are past shows featuring icons. >> we sold out in 15 minutes. and they'll be treated like royalty. in other markets, they come all of the time, it is what it is. it's not a big deal and for us, this is the king of rock 'n' roll, basically. >>> the show is november. november -- the show is november is 20th. there are several ways to get the tickets and they'll be gone quickly. >>> let's talk about the weather. >> well, november will be cool. >> right now, it's warm. 87 and the humidity is 44%. we have a stand out line in november. >> and the winds, south, south east at 5 and the dew point cam
Aug 17, 2009 3:00pm EDT
over the weekend in montana and colorado, and there are an awful lot of -- the secret service does an amazing job, but there are an awful lot of angry people out there, and most of them, i got to say, are misinformed. >> hey, let's switch the subject because this is the other big news story we're following right now. i'm trying to figure this one out myself. is the public option dead or alive? this is what democrats hope would create competition and would eventually drive the markets. i want to take you first to what the president said. this was back in july. hit that, claude. >> any plan i sign must include an insurance exchange, including a public option to increase competition and keep insurance companies honest. >> i think i just heard him say any plan i sign must include public option. now, listen to the president last night. listen to him last night in colorado. this is grand junction and then we'll get your take on it. i think these are two completely different statements. play that, claude. >> public option, whether we have it or we don't have it, is not the entirety of health
Aug 17, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. judy woodruff reports. >> woodruff: from new hampshire to iowa to montana, and points beyond, americans have flocked to town halls to voice their opinions on healthcare reform this august. in charleston, west virginia, larry medley stood outside a recent meeting held by democratic senator jay rockefeller. his sign said it all. >> i don't think it makes a lot sense to, so quickly, surrender 1/6th of our economy to the government.v< i think we... i'm not saying that present h.c.r. system is perfect at all. i'm not saying that at all. certainly, i think that we don't need to jump in and throw the baby out with the bathwater. >> woodruff: amy bord was part of a small meeting with rockefeller. her son has leukemia, and she and her husband recently saw their insurance cut off because it had reached a cap on payments of $1 million. >> we want to pay what we owe, fairly. but we're not able to do that, and nobody's out there to help us. but if we didn't work and we didn't contribute, we wouldn't have to worry about it. and we'd be able to spend the time we do have at home with our tw
Aug 17, 2009 7:00am EDT
he faced in new hampshire, in town hall meetings in montana and colorado, the president faced tougher questions from skeptics of his plan. >> why is it that you've changed your strategy? >> you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> reporter: in a "new york times" op-ed on sunday, the president continued to make his case for health care reform, that it will control costs, make medicare more efficient and give those without health insurance a choice. the same message he has delivered on this road trip. >> we will do all of this without adding to our deficit over the next decade, largely by cutting waste and ending sweetheart deals for insurance companies that don't make anybody any healthier. >> reporter: but mr. obama appears to be stepping back from the idea of a government-run public option. >> the public option, whether we have it or we don't have it is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. >> reporter: on sunday, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius downplayed the idea further. >> i think what's important is choice and
Aug 17, 2009 9:00am EDT
trying to turn themselves into a public winner now. i mean, the president was in montana. he was in colorado doing these town hall forums. the one in new hampshire trying to snatch back the conversation, the agenda from the sarah palins and the newt gingrichs who had been driving a lot of the talk about imaginary death panels and things like that. and i think mickey's right. they've been playing a good inside game, but they've been playing this for months now, and that they had to, at the end of august, snatch it back shows that they weren't doing a terribly good job. and now that we're in august when people are starting not to pay attention, we'll see if the image that sits in the american people's heads when they're on the beat is that president obama, at those town hall forums, or is it back to sarah palin and death panels and all of the negative messages that the republicans have been trying to set in the american mindset? >> winners and losers from where you sit. >> i think it's right. i think that they're basically trying to survive august, right? the senate finance committee
Aug 17, 2009 5:30am EDT
case they've ever seen. >> it's hanna montana. >> and she leads a double life. we l take a look at pop star milemiley cyrus new movie comin. >>> good morning, it's monday august 17th. i'm
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)